You're more than a fan, you're a GEM! Let Bethany explain what this Fan Club is all about.

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Let's make it official. Experience being a part of something bigger, show your support, and get exclusive perks. You're first month is on us!

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We have all of our conversations, hangouts, and content in one convenient place: Discord! No searching around through multiple channels. Just a one-stop hub for community and content. Nice!

Discord is a free app that can be downloaded on all mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.

Pay what YOU want!

Our primary focus is on building a community all of our Gems can be a part of. That's why we've done away with "tiers" and levels of support that might otherwise divide our family.

We let you decide how much YOU want to support us with. While we do have a minimum of $3/usd a month (because we have to value ourselves and our music), most Gems choose a custom amount with an average of $7/month.

Bottom line: Connect with us, fellow music lovers, and get everything we have to offer at a price you think is fair.

What is it?

The Gems Family Fan Club is...

Not just a club. It's a community. We have an ever-growing archive of exclusive behind-the-scenes videos, we share personal conversations with our Gems, and are actively building something that brings people together over a shared love of music.

When you join the family, we make sure you get what came for. Pay whatever amount you want and get full access to everything we have to offer including:

You first month is


Join the family at a price you're comfortable with and we'll personally refund your first month's membership cost, no questions asked.

We share a LOT of


We've been sharing exclusive stuff with our gems family for 3 years now. You get access to ALL of it!




Videos, Posts, and sneak peeks


Days of Awesome

Stands On Sapphires is the real deal, people. As an Indie band, they do it all themselves and in doing so, they rely on the support of fans like you and me that truly believe in all that they can accomplish. Ever since I became a supporter, I've come to know Bethany, Trevor and Wade on a more personal level, and I can tell you that they give 110% to ensure their fans get the best of what they are capable of. It's all there...friendly, polite, name it, and the music is top notch.

Rick M. - Gems Family Member

The Gems Family is amazing, everyone is so welcoming and so kind. I love chatting to everyone on Discord, plus the band are always there posting and making supportive comments. I'm so happy that I signed up to be a part of this family 💜.

Martyn - Gems Family Member

Imagine being allowed to look behind the curtain at one of your favourite bands and see so much more, well you can.

Joseph - Gems Family Member

I love being here! Everyone is so kind and welcoming. The band is super friendly and fun to talk to, and their music rocks! Proud to support them <3

Dan S. - Gems Family Member

I think that the gem family is awesome! I'm incredibly happy to be on the discord server! all the people there are kind and respectful. I feel so comfortable there! Summarized in one word "perfect"!

Kiki P. - Discord Moderator

Stands On Sapphires is a very talented band and I love being a part of the Gems Family. 💎 It is worth every dime and you get plenty of great perks.

Matt M. - Gems Family Member
Got Questions?

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Maybe you're still not sure about this whole 'Gems Family' thing. Check out some of our FAQs that will help.

Great Question!

We use Patreon to manage your membership/pledge. They process your payment info and connect you to our club.
After you sign up, you will be prompted to join our Discord Server (a free app available on all devices). Here is where we share all of the content, conversations, and goodies we promised.

Sign-up, get connected, enjoy all the perks.

And it's really that simple!
We really want our Gems to be able to personally EXPERIENCE being a part of the family. The best way we found to do that is invite people to join and be a part of it for free. We know that if you can be here yourself, you'll want to stick around.

When you sign up, you will be charged your first month immediately, BUT we will personally refund this amount. You will need to sign-up with your monthly pledge amount that you are comfortable with moving forward in order to join.
Patreon is a reputable and safe platform. We use them to host our memberships because they have the infrestructure to support the technical side of stuff so we can focus on making our music & content for you. It's safe & easy for both of us.
Not feeling it anymore? No problem, you can cancel your pledge any time through Patreon, no strings attached. You will still get full access to the Gems Family until your current month expires.
YES! Since we don't handle any of your personal information or payment details, you can rest assured they are safe through Patreon's secure gateway. We only have information that is absolutely necessary to deliver & handle your membership benefits (such as your name & email).
We offer

Name-your-own pricing

We want you to personally be a part of our journey and support us in a comfortable way. That's why we let our Gems pick their own membership price.

While we have pledges of all different amounts, on average, people choose to support us at more than the minimum amount, at an avg. of $7/month, because we truly do go above and beyond for all of our Gems.

Pay Whatever You Want
Avg pledge is $7/month $3/month minimum
  • Get your first month FREE
  • Name your own price thereafter
  • Support an up & coming band
  • Get access to EVERYTHING we offer
  • Be a part of a special community
  • Cancel anytime
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